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Common Core Lesson Plans
Standards Solution has developed hundreds of Common Core aligned lessons covering concepts that can be difficult to teach or often not found in textbooks. Lesson plans are in the form of a modified Madeline Hunter structure and include all standard elements (Rationale, Goals, Standards, Objectives, Materials, and Procedures), useful bonus sections: Teacher Tips, Extension Activities, and all student handouts and worksheets.

Available in grade spans:
  1. K-2
  2. 3-5
  3. 6-8
  4. High School

In three categories:
  1. Reading (Literary and Informational Text)
  2. Writing (Narrative, Informational, and Opinion or Argument) and Language Standards
  3. Mathematics (by Common Core grade-level cluster, i.e. Operations and Algebraic Thinking)



Improved Instruction System™
The IIS™ is a massive English and mathematics item-bank containing 50,000 Common Core aligned items. Instructors can create instructional materials or assessments in a large variety of categories:

English Language Arts by Genre:
Reading - Literature
  1. Fiction
  2. Drama/Poetry
Reading - Informational Text
  1. Social Studies/History
  2. Science
Writing & Language
  1. Narrative
  2. Informational/Explanatory
  3. Opinion/Argument/Persuasive Prompts
  4. Language
  5. Writing

Mathematics by Common Core Cluster for Each Grade-Level Span:
  1. Selected Response Items
  2. Constructed Response Items
  3. Extended Response Items