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Improved Instruction System™
The IIS™ is a massive English and mathematics item-bank containing 50,000 Common Core aligned items. Instructors can create instructional materials or assessments in a large variety of categories:

English Language Arts by Genre:
Reading - Literature
  1. Fiction
  2. Drama/Poetry
Reading - Informational Text
  1. Social Studies/History
  2. Science
Writing & Language
  1. Narrative
  2. Informational/Explanatory
  3. Opinion/Argument/Persuasive Prompts
  4. Language
  5. Writing

Mathematics by Common Core Cluster for Each Grade Level:
  1. Selected Response Items
  2. Constructed Response Items
  3. Extended Response Items



Assessment Analyzer System™
The AAS™ provides educators with the means to create their own online and paper-and-pencil assessments or to utilize our Common Core aligned assessments with technology-enhanced items.

Create Your Own Assessments from IIS™
Create an assessment from the Improved Instruction System's™ item-bank and have students take the test online or with paper-and-pencil (and still collect online data).

Access Common Core Assessments
Administer twelve unique assessments per grade that reflect each grade level's standards. All tests include next-generation assessment technology-enhanced items:

English Language Arts includes:
  1. Two Reading Literature Standards Assessments
  2. Two Informational Text Standards Assessments
  3. Four Language Standards Assessments
Mathematics provides four tests with all technology-enhanced items.